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Women's Only Martial Arts Cross-Training Class

Forge MMA Cross-Training delivers total body fitness all within-the-hour through a unique blend of strength training, kickboxing conditioning circuits, plus post-workout stretching that gets you feeling strong, fit and relaxed!

Forge’s unique cross-training circuit system, modeled after the same workouts that top martial artist use to be at their peak performance, deliver results for those looking for physical transformation in both physical appearance and functional ability; increasing muscular strength and bone density, improving cardiovascular conditioning, decreasing body fat, expanding range of motion, plus boosting mental focus and enhancing overall mood.

All fitness levels are welcome and while this is a group class, your circuits and exercises are completely tailored to your abilities. There will be boxing, heavy bag and kickboxing elements in most classes, so gloves will be available to borrow or purchase at the studio.


Class size is limited to 8 participants per session, ensuring quality attention.

TIMES: Monday Wednesday Friday 9:30am

Please call or contact through email below for availability or to schedule a complimentary consultation


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